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Schaut euch mal unser Spiel an, vielleicht gefällt es ja dem ein oder anderen.
Die Beschreibung ist auf Englisch, aber das Spiel ist komplett in Deutsch!

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smuttlewerk interactive today is happy to inform the gamers of the world, that the RPG game Companions is finally finished and available for Apples iPad on the App Store. Companions is a roleplaying game for Apple’s iPad, where your party of four heroes (the Companions) set out to fight the evil god Detexx and his minions.

The party consists of a minotaur, a dwarf, an elf lady and a human mage. Every character has different skills and abilities. The dwarf for example, can build structures, such as scythe towers or spike pits while the minotaur is strong in hand to hand combat. The game is presented in top-down 2D view and real time. Through storytelling, consistent artwork and a fun gameplay system, the players are sucked into the world of “Altland”.

“Altland” is a fantasy world were the old races of dwarfs and elfs live together with the younger races of humans and minotaurs. Companions takes place after a 300 years period of peace. The dark god Detexx and his minions try everything in their power to engulf “Altland” in a big war.

Feature Highlights:
* Campaign with 10 hours of playing time
* Story line
* 4 races
* 3 different classes for each race
* 40+ skills
* 100+ Items
* 30+ Unique Items
* Boss mobs
* Tactical pause (20 or 60 seconds)
* Philosophical pest zombies
* A really big dragon
* Great artwork
* 3 difficulty settings
* GameCenter and OpenFeint integration
* 41 achievements
* 3 single maps with leaderboards (more coming with the first update)
* Endless replay value (random drops, random enemies) for both the campaign and the single maps
* Available in english and german (other translations will follow)

The Companions start their adventure unbeknownst to each other in the catacombs of Mentzel, but soon find themselves facing the powerful high-priest of Detexx, Umbahan ot Smorgwar. This evil man unriddled the secrets needed to open the leylines that cross “Altland” and thus plans to unleash the “Hordes of Nether” into the world.

Pursued by undeads and cultists, the four heroes have to learn to trust each other in order to survive the dangers lurking deep down in the bowels of “Altland”. On their way to the old dwarven fortress, the Companions have to fight off constant attacks of cultists, undeads and demons as well as the elemental beings who live in the caverns of the volcano Eaneum.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* 58.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Companions is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.